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Please Read This on How to See Your Teams Schedule 

The calendar displays all of the information based on tags. The Tag button is at the bottom right of the screen. Click on this button to bring up the tag menu. Each team and division has a tag as well as each area of the website. Please indicate on the tag menu which section on the calendar you would like to view or "select all" to view all events. If you have more than 1 child or play Field, REP and/or House League select all teams that your child is playing on.

Once you've made your selection(s), click the 'Hide Tag Menu' tab and the calendar will load your selected information.

Your internet browser will remember your preferences so the next time you log in on that system, you'll see the same information. If you subscribe to this calendar you will see all of the events scheduled for the selected teams.

Another option is to go to your team page, where the relevant information for you team will always be displayed.

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