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Regular Season 2019

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Peanut (Soft Lacrosse) Information

The Peanut program is for 3-4 years old.  Equipment required:  Helmet with cage, hockey gloves and lacrosse stick.  Each player receives a team jersey and shorts. 


• There will be 2 teams; both teams will be on the floor at the same time. 

Practice format:  


• Skills will be practiced through various games 

• Players will rotate through stations where they will learn and practice the basic skills of lacrosse (i.e., carrying the ball, trapping and scooping up the ball and shooting).

• Players will be grouped based on skill and ability levels


Game format: 


• Play across the floor.

• No contact.

• 2 min shifts; coaches to blow whistle 

• Players will be grouped based on skill and ability level